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Rockin' out with Capers   Baby Face Nelson 1997  2007-in the studio   The Brent Buckley Band with Bill Flexsenhar and Brad Davis   80's promo with Gibsons, synths and flute

With Capers-Warren PA   It's the 80's-Everything's just Bleachy   1997-with Baby Face Nelson   Live at the Bayou (DC) with Clever By Design   With Capers and original Frankencaster

  2001 promo   On flute and keys with Panda   On keyboards with The Midnight Flyers at Samantha's (Ocean City MD)   My Ric Ocasek impression   Live with Surge-Painter's Mill Music Fair   Capers promo   Clever By Design promo

80's-90's 1

80's-90's 2

Philadelphia Tavern 2009

Jaxx 2008